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Panic! At These Icons!

P!ATD icon community

Icons! At The Disco
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♥Welcome to Panic! At These Icons aka Icons! At The Disco, a home for P!ATD fans to post, share, and find icons and other graphics featuring their favorite electronica rockers.

♥Rules are simple, please respect your fellow members, I will tolerate no disrespect and if I see anyone being rude to a fellow member, in any way, shape, or form...regardless of who is right and who is wrong, you will get one warning. If it happens again you're banned.
♥If you're going to post any icons, headers, banners, ect. please use a cut if there are more then 3.
♥If you're taking any icons please respect and follow the original poster/maker's rules.
♥You may post an entry with a request and more then likely if someone is feeling extra swell and fantastic they will fill it for you.

patd: the official Panic! At The Disco LiveJournal community
♥If you would like to affiliate with Panic! At These Icons please contact Casey at Caseyis4loversxo@aol.com with your information.